Justin Coale

Wanna know more about the sinfully gorgeous, lover extraordinaire,
sweet-talkin', Justin Coale?  He is the cover model and muse for "Fighting For You"

Justin "JT" Coale, was born and raised (and still lives) in Chichester, Pennsylvania, which is right outside of Philadelphia.  Justin has nothing but sweet-laced things to say about his family, "My parents have been married for over 30 years (God Bless) and I have an older brother who is 32, and is one of my best friends.  In fact, I am the best man in his wedding this week-end."  (Gotta bring out the picture of Mr. Coale in a tux, ladies!)
Justin is a certified personal trainer, as well as a model. 2013 is going to be a big year for Justin...he will be traveling all over the globe, posing his delectable backside, and frontside, for a variety of photographers. (Raise your hand if you want to tag along and be his personal body spritzer!) Has Justin always had this incredible physique? His answer, "I wanted to look this way ever since I saw the movie 'Charlie's Angels.' The part where Drew Barrymore's boyfriend comes back from jail and is just ripped up...I wanted to look like that...later on I decided to start lifting. I was a skinny, short, skater kid, that was extremely self-conscious of my size. I was bullied a lot and had a huge problem with my self-esteem. Lifting has done amazing things for me, both physically and mentally."

"I never look back at my old life.  I do want to be able to share my story with others.  There is a project in the works right now, so that I can inspire America's youth to follow the right path.  I'm not saying I am perfect, but I didn't give up on life when there were so many things stacked against me, mentally, physically and sometimes even emotionally.  I think I can help people to achieve greater things."

Working out is a daily part of Justin's routine, spending an hour or two in the gym.  When I asked him if he has a specific diet, "Most of the time I eat clean.  But about 20% of the time, I do eat crap.  Unless, I'm training for a shoot, then I put my all into it."

When I asked Justin why he thinks his life has improved so much, and our humble specimen replied, "For me, it isn't about just being fit...it is also a mental state of mind.  You need to be happy and love yourself for who you are.  If you hate something about yourself, change it.  Not with plastic surgery...do it the right way, through hard work and exercise.  No one wanted to listen to the scrawny skater kid...this change in me has made me feel more like an Alpha Male."  (Definition of alpha male is a dominant man that is capable of leading others by example, and has access to the most females.  Yup!  Spot on!)

Does Justin think of himself as a sex symbol?  "No, not at all.  I have never considered myself a sex symbol, until this interview!  It is great and all to be wanted, but I want to be a hero as well...a good looking one at that.  I want to be like my father; he supported two kids and a wife without a high school diploma.  He would work 14 hour days and still have time to play catch with me or take me and my friends to skate parks on his only day off.  I want to be just like him...the All American Man."

Justin has participated in his share of photo shoots as a model.  After a length discussion about participating in boring photo shoots, and what he does to pass the time (he chats with his fans), we had a frank discussion about what he thinks about when he is giving the camera his sexy look.  JT gave me these panty-melting words, "I think about looking into a woman's eyes and kissing her intimately, as well as keeping our bodies pressed as closely together as possible, moving skin to skin.  I don't give it up that easy, so I am working on making her want me as much as humanly possible."  (Is it hot in here?)

Does our self-proclaimed single bachelor have any certified lady killer moves?  "For me, I would say it is the way I can sweet talk a woman.  I could open up a candy store with my words, but that is just the poet in me."  (Wanna hear some of JT's poetry?  He puts a lot of it on his facebook fan page.  Click here to join Team Coaleation).  What is Justin looking for in a woman?  "She has to have ambition and will power...a drive in her to actually do something with herself.  She also must be in touch with her family...that shows a lot about a girl."

Justin recently ended a semi-serious relationship and I asked if he is in the market for another serious girlfriend, or if he needs to play the field a bit.  "I want to have fun, but I am searching for the real deal.  With my recent surge in popularity, it is hard to find a girlfriend.  Especially one who isn't insecure with thousands of girls hitting on you."   (Start a line behind me, ladies to show Justin how secure we are and how perfect we would be for him!)

Let's not forget to talk about Justin's pooch, Armani!  This dog is just about as well mannered as our delicious JT!

Any interest in being a cover model for an erotic romance novel?  "Well, I just happen to be participating in a photo shoot for a novel that will be released this summer, by the extremely talented and mighty fine, Hazel St James.  I am the muse for the character Tristen Hart from the Learning to Let Go Series.  Working with Hazel has been the most incredible experience I have ever had in all my twenty four years...."  (Okay, I am paraphrasing there a bit!  Justin is fantastic to work with, and very talented.  Glad to have him on my team!)

And of course, the last question for Justin....boxers or briefs?  "Briefs.  Gotta hug the boys!" 

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