Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"Be Your Everything" Teaser Number 2!

Thought I would do something different for this teaser!  I love this part!  Becca is extremely confident about herself, and she has a tendency to shock the hell out of our dear Darrin!  Here is a great example of her mouth!  (Teaser is Very Explicit, Proceed with Caution! Or for the seasoned erotic readers, just skip to the end for the best part!  LOL)

Becca’s stunned look morphed into a mega-watt smile.  “I would love to go camping.”  She jumped up and down on her heels as she clapped her hands in front of her.  “Can we go now?  Please, please, please?”

“Yes, Becca.  We can go tonight.  But, I mean honest to goodness camping, with a tent and a lighter.”

Becca practically squealed as she playfully gasped out, “We could be like that tv show where the former military hottie and his uber beautiful wife rough it in some extremely bad ass places.”      

Darrin laughed at her reference, and then he pinned her with a heated look as the brain in his pants thought about the two of them, completely alone all night on his private land.  He was seriously considering just bringing a tent, lighter, bottled water and a blanket, but then he thought about a few other things that he could use to get Becca’s carefree attitude back.

“Let me grab the razer two-seater, and we can load up a few things to take with us.  Can you watch the fire for me?  It should be done burning here in no time.  I can burn the bigger pile some other time.”

“Sure, Eros.  Can you pack a few chocolate bars for me?  I have an idea.”

Darrin handed her the rake and headed back to the toy shed.  “Sure.  You wanna make s’mores?  I think I have marshmallows and graham crackers, too.”

Becca was intently raking the rest of the leaves into the fire and wasn’t looking at him when she answered, “Ahhh, nah.  I was thinking about using them as a candy coating.”

“Ah, Becca…we’re gonna be out in the middle of the woods.  You’re not going to be able to do any cooking; certainly not make candy.”  By the time that Darrin finished his sentence, he had walked quite a ways away from the her and had to yell back across the yard.

After everything was loaded up, Becca had just finished burning the pile and was dumping a bucket of water onto the smoldering embers.  “You ready, Becca?”

“Yup, did you bring my chocolate?  Because I could really use a chocolate covered cock to suck on tonight.”

Darrin practically shivered at her words, but kept himself together long enough to reply.  “Come on, boo.  We need to spend some time out back in the woods.”

Friday, April 12, 2013

"Be Your Everything" Teaser

Thank you for getting us to our first 100 "like" milestone!  As promised...her is the teaser from Darrin's story, "Be Your Everything!"

“Becca, there is no way I’m gonna let you leave again a second time without getting to tell you something.”
She lifted her one eyebrow in a challenge, but didn’t move any closer to the door. Her posture was definitely hostile as she crossed her arms over her chest, pushing her well-endowed chest up even further. Darrin stifled a groan as he had to practically tear his eyes away from her ample cleavage. Her mocha eyes were narrowed dangerously, as if she was shooting daggers at him from deep within the sockets.
Darrin took up a defensive stance, feet shoulder-width apart, crossing his arms over his chest. Becca mimicked his posture and spocked her eyebrow almost to her hairline. She motioned with her hands that she was waiting, and then returned her arms to tightly covering her chest.
“I really pissed you off, didn’t I?” Darrin couldn’t help but grin as he asked the question, full well knowing the answer.
The raven-haired creature was obviously torqued off and her anger was aimed directly at him. She scoffed, “Was that what you wanted to tell me, dumbass? Because that was so not worth my time. I have half a mind…” Becca half-squealed instead of finishing the sentence, when Darrin surprised her by grabbing her around the waist, hoisting her up and onto the counter behind them.
Darrin stood in between her legs and slid her entire body towards him, so that her legs were resting on either side of his hips. He held either side of her face in his hands and decided that he didn’t want to fuck things up anymore with his piss poor language skills. There was one way that he could show Becca…the only way that he knew how to express his feelings.
Darrin pulled her face down towards him, brushing his lips against hers. Pulling back for a fraction of a second, he dove back in for another gentle peck. Her lips were soft and smooth, but Becca had yet to respond to him. Darrin pulled back far enough to gauge her body language; her eyes were closed, but the way her chest was heaving and the flush on her cheeks were giving her away. Damn, the little vixen was going to be stubborn.
Darrin snaked his hands around behind her to cup her ass and jerked her body forward until she was flush with him. Becca let out a soft moan as her eyelids fluttered open, looking at him with passion in her eyes. She had a tiny curl to her lips as she breathed in a gusty whisper, “I could be persuaded to continue listening to your arguments, Eros.”
Darrin brought out his panty-melting smile and with renewed urgency, he slammed their lips together. This time, Becca sensually moved against him as he parted her lips with the tip of his tongue, and delved inside. A staccato whimper resounded in her chest as they continued to flicker their tongues against each other in a sinuous dance.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Fighting For You" Teaser

As promised, here is a little taste of the Tristan Hart (aka Justin Coale) story!  (Unedited version)

“Damn it, Tristan!  This isn’t what I signed up for!  I told you from day one that I don’t just fall over with my legs up in the air.  I have to know that you feel something in here,” Peyton gently laid her palm over his chest.  Time stood still as Tristan lowered his eyes to see where her palm was connected with the bare skin on his chest.  Clutching his eyes shut tight, he desperately tried to hold back the feelings that were trying to escape from the fortress deep within his soul.  He knew that he wasn’t good enough for Peyton.  There was no way that his battered mind, body and soul could handle the mental intimacy that she deserved…that she needed. 

Tristan watched as Peyton lifted her other hand to rest on the other side of his chest, and then she splayed her fingers across his flesh.  She took a deep breath, slowly letting it go, before she quietly continued, “I’m not saying that I won’t be with you unless you love me.  I’m not that na├»ve, Tristan.  Can you give me some indication that I mean more to you than one of the whores that you pick up from the bar?”

The word coming from Peyton’s mouth made him wince, as it was almost too painful to hear.  She had summarized with one word what Tristan had accomplished with the last five years of his life.  Never had he ever felt bad about being a love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy…until this very moment. 

Willing his body to move, Tristan carefully peeled his lids open, and focused on the sultry green eyes that were staring back at him.  Peyton was studying him carefully, waiting for him to answer.  There was a longing coming from those emerald green orbs, but it was mixed with something else.  Peyton was looking at Tristan with more than just a physically longing, but a mental longing, too.  She saw something in him that was worth all the pain, and the heartache that he was bound to give her. 

Peyton was seeing in him what no one else ever even dared to look for.  When she relaxed her shoulders and added a small smile to her lips, Tristan knew exactly what he was seeing in her eyes.  She was able to see the good in every person, and Tristan was no exception.  Deep in the dark recesses of his mind, he knew that he wanted to have more with Peyton, wanted to see that light in her eyes keep getting brighter. 

Tristan finally answered her question, “You will always mean more to me than anyone else ever has.  I gave up a long time ago on feeling anything other than lust.  But with you, I know that I want more.  But how much more…I honestly don’t know.   I can’t handle forever, Peyton.  Just say you’ll give me right now.”

Peyton closed her eyes, letting her smile spread all the way across her face, giving him all the answer that he needed.  She hadn’t moved her hands from where they lay on his chest, making it easy for Tristan to close the bit of space there was between them. As he pulled her in closer, Peyton’s hands inched up his neck and wove into his hair.  He could feel her hot breath as he leaned down to her lips.  He hesitated at the last second, and whispered, “I care about you more than I have about any other person on this entire earth.”

Tristan softly brushed his lips against Peyton’s at first, and then he deepened the kiss by tilting his head to the side, using his tongue to part her lips.  Peyton had untangled her hands from his hair, and instead was using her fingertips to stroke up and down his back. 

The slow and sensual kiss was quickly becoming a catalyst for all the sexual energy that the two of them had worked up over the last month.  Peyton released a soft moan that Tristan gladly drank from her mouth and then gave her lower lip a quick tug in between his teeth before he released her.  They both were panting, but Tristan didn’t want this simple intimacy to end; he had waited too long for this very moment when he would get to taste the sweetness that this goddess held.