Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Teaser Time!

Here is the ultra hot, sexy cover to "Let Me Fly" being released on December 18th. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Fun Night! Special Edition

Hey, hey out there!  We have a special guest coming over to visit us tonight!  Jan Graham, author of the Wylde Shore Series and the Sydney Cougar Series, is here to chat with us about a true Dominant/submissive* relationship.  How exciting!  

*for those of you scratching your head right now, saying WTF?  please click here for a synopsis of the whole BDSM dynamic:  (will open as a separate window, not any affiliation with myself or Jan).  This is not an all-inclusive introduction into BDSM, this is mostly for my readers that have read BDSM novels, but do not actively participate in the lifestyle.

Welcome Jan!
Could you explain your relationship with your significant other?  
Shane and I were in a relationship for nearly ten years, only ending when he passed away in May this year. The relationship was a D/s one, him being the Dominant and me being his sub. Shane was in charge of the final decisions, although I could give my opinion. I obeyed what he said, looked after him and the household and in return he looked after me.  If I didn’t follow what we’d agreed to as being appropriate behavior in the relationship I received punishment which could be anything from a spanking to a caning or flogging. The relationship worked well because we always communicated about how we felt and we revised and adapted our initial D/s agreement as our needs changed and the relationship evolved.
How did you meet Shane?
We met through an internet site, and discovered we also had mutual friends in common. The relationship was always a D/s one but we took it slowly and lived separately for a few years after meeting, before finally moving in together and cohabiting for seven years.
Did either of you have any sadist or masochist tendencies?
I’m a bit of a masochist. I enjoy mild level pain and find it quite arousing. Shane wasn’t a sadist but was happy to inflict the right amount of pain I enjoyed during scenes and as a form of discipline if I misbehaved.
Did you keep your relationship private, or were you open with others?
Shane and I were fairly open with our friends and some family. He didn’t tell his elderly parents about it which I agreed with but apart from that most other people new.
Did Shane have a pet name for you?
Shane used to call me chook because he said I used to cluck about like a mother hen when I was looking after him.
Did Shane require any adornments? 
Shane only ever insisted that I wear the two rings he gave me. I wore them at all times. He wasn’t into adornments like collars or other jewelry because he didn’t see the necessity of such an act.
Did you have a formal playroom or dungeon?
We didn’t have a specific playroom or formal dungeon. We played either in the bedroom or living area and would set up a particular area to scene then pack everything away.
Was your relationship monogamous or polygamous? 
Our relationship was a poly/open one. We each had others in our lives at times, but anyone else bought into the dynamic needed to be approved by the other one in order to play outside our primary relationship with each other.
Thank you Jan for answering my questions!  My relationship is about 40% involved Dom/sub, and I am absolutely intrigrued with real-life couples that successfully live the lifestyle.  I am also deeply saddened for your loss...((Hugs)) 
As an author, most of my stories have some elements of BDSM (the book coming out in Feb 2013 is full-on BDSM kink).  If you haven't yet, you could buy my book, Just One Night, or any of Jan's books, as well as a host of many other wonderful authors!  Here are the links to some of my favorite authors:

Just One Night: Prequel to the Learning to Let Go Series

Jan Graham: Wylde Shore and Sydney Cougars Series

Holly Roberts: Club El Diablo

Lexi Blake: Masters and Mercenaries and Masters of Menage

Monday, November 19, 2012

Teaser Time!

Here is an excerpt from Book One of the Learning to Let Go Series, tentatively named "Let Me Fly."  Bryn Lonneman (Sara's sister, if you have read the prequel.  If not, go get it!) is trying to maintain her composure when her eye-candy doctor friend keeps putting her libido in overdrive.   Here is my inspiration for Dr. Hottie!    Enjoy!

Bryn pushed through the door of the restaurant exactly 10 minutes late. Not wanting to look around the restaurant, she casually stepped passed the hostess station, walking over to the bar. Pulling out the first available seat, Bryn plopped down in the high backed chair, swiveling to face the bar.

You here with someone, cutie?”

Bryn let her shoulders droop to show her irritation before she turned around to lay into whomever had used the horrible come-on. There in front of her was Adonis himself, bed tousled dark hair, face clean shaven, and piercing green eyes. He had changed into a gray v-neck t-shirt that must have been a size too small, showing off his chiseled muscles, and a black fitted sports coat. Dark frayed jeans completed his look, with uber cool Polo boots. He was the absolute perfect “Dr. Hottie.”

Dr. Glynn,” Bryn sighed dreamily, sounding like a high school girl with a crush. “I mean, Charlie, you look...nice.” She wanted to say hot, but didn't have the nerve.

Charlie turned her chair so that she was facing the bar. He stood slightly to her right, the front of his body flush with her side. Placing his arms on either side of the chair, he gripped the bar, caging her in. A burst of breath tickled her neck as he spoke “I thought you were going to stand me up, Bryn.”

A shiver erupted across her skin, leaving tingles in it's wake. He was standing so close, she could smell his cologne, fresh, light and vaguely reminding her of a mojito. His demeanor had changed from earlier in the day, making him seem darker, and dangerous.

Bryn tried to turn to read his face. What she met were soft, wet lips, slowly brushing back and forth across hers. Feeling left her, the only sensations left behind were the connection between their bodies. Leaning in to deepen the contact, Charlie let go of his hold on the bar, letting her turn further into his body. He pushed his hands through her hair, cupping her jaw in his hands. He pulled back from the kiss, resting his forehead against hers.

Damn it, woman. You are killing me.” He let go of her face, stepping back to let her off the bar stool. Sticking his hands into the pockets of his jeans, he stuck his elbow out, encouraging her to slip her arm through his.

Let's eat before we give the whole restaurant a show.”

Bryn curled her lips in a smirk, shaking her head in disbelief at herself. “Yes, sir.”

Friday, November 16, 2012

Freaky Friday Fun Night!

Aahhhh!  It is here, the day that makes the other six days of the week pea green with envy.........Friday!  (((cat calls)))  Whoop Whoop!

So what should we do tonight?  Do a little dance?  Maybe we should make a little love?  Oh yeah, we should definitely make a lot of love!

We are going to explore Sex Ed 101.  No, I am not going to explain the birds and the bees.  I want you to get back to the basics with your lover - learn what sexual positions they love, what part of sex they hate, what visually excites them, etc.  The best way to do that, is to give them a list of sexual questions that they have to answer honestly.  I just happen to have examples below!  You can save the .jpeg file to your computer, open them with a standard picture viewer program, and then print them as a full size 8 x 10 picture to get the entire thing. 
If you have trouble, drop me an email at and I will send you the Microsoft word file.   I promise to get back to you as quickly as possible.  While you are at it, if you have a topic you think would be worthy of Freaky Friday Fun Night, tell me about it.  Or, if you just want to chat that's fine too!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dr. Glynn's Harley Davidson

Just wanted to share the picture that is the inspiration for Dr. Glynn's motorcycle.  Dr. Glynn is the alpha male lead in book one of the "Learning to Let Go" series.  Right now, the title is "Let Me Fly."  The bike is a Harley Davidson Softail Fat Boy.  Badass - perfect for Dr. Hottie!
Don't worry, Chris and Sara are in this book, too.  They are the main focus for book two, but they appear in "Let Me Fly" as well.  This book is mainly focused on Sara's sister Bryn.  The book is coming along; we are still on track for the December 18th release date!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Author Interview: Cari Silverwood "The Dom with a Safeword"

“The Dom with a Safeword” by Cari Silverwood, Leia Shaw and Sorcha Black was released on October 25th, 2012.  I recently had the pleasure of reading the book and it was a unique story that absolutely set my kindle on fire! 

 Here is the official description of the book:

Late at night, on an amateur ghost hunt, Sabrina and her best friend Q are caught trespassing by the gorgeous, blond Jude. The embers of attraction between them sizzle when they discover Jude’s kinks match their own.
Jude is a Dom on his last summer of freedom before starting the prison sentence that is med school. Q is a bad-ass bi switch who knows what she wants, and for years it’s been her cute, doe-eyed straight friend Sabrina. But the only way into Sabrina’s heart and panties may be with Jude’s fist wrapped in her hair.
Domming the bratty Q and mischievous Sabrina isn’t going to be easy but Jude relishes the challenge. At the end of the summer, will they find a way to stay together when everything is tearing them apart?

 Ms. Silverwood did me the honor of answering a few questions about the book.

Cari, I am in awe of the storyline of this book!  Alpha male, submission, love story, hot sex was an all-around package!  Where did you and your fellow authors come up with this concept?
Right, delving back into the murky fog that is my memory…we all wanted to try writing a contemporary story but none of us had the courage to do it by ourselves. We also all loved the idea of writing about a Dom with two brats as there were three of us and brats seemed, at times, a somewhat frowned upon part of the kink community. Yet those who are brats have an enormous amount of fun with their Doms, providing the Dom is up for the challenge and enjoys the exchange.
People sometimes assume that all submissives toe the line and are ultra-respectful in all ways at all times. But not everyone uses the same rules. Not everyone calls their Dom by the terms Sir or Master or Him. It is up to those in the relationship.
So this story is dedicated to brats. And though what Q does in particular may seem over the top to some, she is based on someone real, a collared bi switch who has a long term relationship (married) with her Dom and also a brat submissive of her own.

Here is an excerpt from the book:

“Do you think he’s ever going to take his pants off?” Sabrina whispered in Q’s ear. “Maybe he shares his penis with another guy and today wasn’t his day to use it.”

“I kept the jeans on so I wouldn’t rush things,” Jude replied, slapping Sabrina’s ass.

“Well it’s not exactly rushing anymore. Both of us are naked, so how is this fair?” she retorted, gesturing at the offending article of clothing.

“I’m the dominant, so I get to make the rules.” His head tilted in a look of smug amusement.

“Fuck that!” Q knelt up on the window seat, leaned over Sabrina and pulled at the button of his jeans. “This is a mutiny, Captain!”

After wriggling free, Sabrina tried to hold him still while he batted away Q’s hands. They had just managed to get the button untied, when he dragged both of them over to sit on his lap. They didn’t quite fit, but he didn’t give them the option of getting up.

“Hold your hair up, both of you,” he ordered.

Looking askance at each other, they complied. The sensation of his breath rippling over Q’s neck sent shivers up into her hair. His mouth latched onto the place where her neck and shoulder met, and Q sighed in contentment. Sucking and nibbling on their necks and shoulders, he held them still for his enjoyment. Eventually he let them go so they could participate.

Sabrina sucked on Q’s bottom lip then trailed tiny kisses down to her chin, past her neck, to her breast. She paused as though she was having an internal debate. Slowly, she backed off Jude’s lap onto the cushion. She shifted onto her hands and knees, grazing Q’s nipple with her lips and making her groan. Her pink tongue darted out, licking the very tip. She looked up at Q mischievously, her ass wiggling.

Both she and Jude eyed Sabrina’s backside with interest, smiling at each other when they realized they were doing it simultaneously. Q’s smile became a gasp as something warm and wet engulfed her nipple. She watched in fascination as Sabrina’s sucking and nipping mouth alternated between her breasts. Her tongue investigated Q’s piercings. Enraptured, Q ran her fingers though Sabrina’s silky hair, the slide of it through her hands sensuous. The elastic that had been holding it when they were painting hung tenuously onto the bottom of a lock of hair, and she tossed it aside.


What was the hardest part about writing this book with 2 other authors?
Doing the writing I had to do. Truly the interactive part made things easier. I always have bumps and mind tangles that get in the way but knowing that others needed me to do my part helped me enormously. You don’t get writers block when you co-write. If you try to they throw something at you.
But just getting words on paper and making things come to life is never simple. So I think that was the hardest. We did have arguments and sometimes one of us would dig our toes in (mostly Leia lol) but generally it worked out fine.

Do you relate more towards the bratty switch Q or the mischievous Sabrina?  (And if Sabrina, do you believe in ghosts?)
Relate? I empathized with Q a lot with her unrequited love and mental anguish toward the end of the story. But there were aspects about both of them that I related to. I don’t believe in ghosts but Leia Shaw, who wrote 90 percent of Sabrina’s scenes, does. She also has a ghost in her house for real…if you believe that ghosts can exist. 

I felt that the relationship between Q and Sabrina was so wonderfully in-depth.  Did you have any real life inspiration for the couple?
Oh definitely. The love, Dominance and submission dynamic, and sexual attraction between these two was drawn from the lives of real people.

When you are writing, do you have any rituals?  Any specific music that you listen to while you write?
I listen to music sometimes. But I loop it over and over and I often don’t consciously hear it much. But I’d say it does help me write. I tend to drink coffee, and tea, and more coffee. Big surprise that one! I fiddle about. If I get stuck I write things on paper, and I do housework. Things like housework can help jar problems loose and let you see them afresh.

What projects are you working on now and are Jude, Q and Sabrina involved?
We are doing a sequel with Godfrey Cross as the Dom and two submissives again. Jude, Sabrina and Q will be in the book in cameo parts.

Are you reading any good books right now?
I’m reading a curious one called The Heartwood Box. I like the way she’s adapted the BDSM ethos into a traditional fairytale style. I like to see authors experiment and go outside the usual. I’m looking at buying the first in a series by Jacqueline Carey also – Naamah’s Kiss and I’d also like to get The Game of Thrones as a complete set. Jacqueline Carey wrote an immensely popular fantasy series that began with Kushiel’s Dart and uses BDSM as the backbone of her setting. Wonderful series if you like fantasy.
Oh and there’s another one called Beyond Shame that seems enticing – a post-apocalyptic story that oozes sex and seems very well written.

For all your followers out there, what can they do to help you make “The Dom with a Safeword” even more successful?
What a lovely question. It is difficult being seen among the huge outpouring of new erotic romance books. Word of mouth works best, I think. If you like it a lot, recommend it to your friends who share your taste in books. Reviews do help, but to most who read them you are an anonymous stranger. People you regularly talk to about books will value your opinion a lot more. So it’s far better to say on facebook, or Twitter, or Goodreads in particular, hey this one is worth reading. J

Cari Silverwood's website page with buy links and another longer excerpt
Cari Silverwood's website
Sorcha Black’s blog
Leia Shaw’s site


Friday, November 9, 2012

Freaky Friday Fun Night!

It is here!  Yeah!  The blessed day of the week, when my wonderful readers let go of their sexual inhibitions and get ready for some fun lovin'!

Tonight's topic will be...candy!

Here are some fun things that you can do with candy you would find at the grocery or convenience store:

Melted Chocolate Trail
Ingredients: One Chocolate Bar
Directions:  Unwrap candy bar and put in a microwave safe bowl.  Microwave on high for 15 seconds, or until melted.  Have your partner swirl his/her finger in the melted chocolate and make a trail across your naked body, like a treasure map.   Partner then has to lick said treasure map back off your body, ending at the treasure, of course!

Edible Garters
Ingredients: One Candy Necklace
Directions:  Take candy necklace and put it on your upper thigh like a garter.  Your partner has to remove/eat the entire "garter" using their teeth and mouth only.  Absolutely no hands!

Get Your Rocks Off
Ingredients: Pop Rocks
Directions:  Place a handful of pop rocks into your mouth (do not swallow them) and orally pleasure your partner.  'Nuf said.

War Mark
Ingredients: Sour Warheads
Directions:  Either blindfold your partner, or have them go in the other room.  Put a warhead in your mouth, just to get it wet.  Remove the candy and rub it on 5 different spots on your naked body.  Suggestions: Collarbone, behind ear, nipple, behind knee, and shin bone.  Then have your partner return and using only his/her mouth, they have to find the 5 places that your left the "war mark."

Push My Buttons
Ingredients: Candy Buttons
Directions:  Before initiating sex with your partner, place candy buttons on the parts of your body that you want your lover to spend extra time.  Lick the back of the candy button, and they will easily stick to your skin/body parts.  Let them dry for a few minutes before dressing in something sexy, revealing, whatever you want.  Then let the fun begin!



Friday, November 2, 2012

Freaky Friday Fun Night!

It's Friday!  Whoop Whoop! 

Tonight we are going to focus on "ice play".  Just like last week, we are going to get pretty explicit, so if you are under 18 years old, you need to scram!  I mean it!

Ok, ice play.  This is not a BDSM scene (well, I mean you could make it a scene, but it doesn't have to be).  I am talking about foreplay with ice cubes and Popsicles.  Some people have actual intercourse with ice cubes inserted inside the v jay jay, but if done incorrectly that can be very painful.  So, we are going to talk about ice cubes and Popsicles during foreplay only.   Whatever happens after that is up to you!

Let's get started.  This would be the point where you talk with your partner, let them know that you would like to try something new with them tonight.  If you have a fireplace, lay out a couple of blankets in front of the fire, have a glass of wine, talk about your day, all that getting in the mood fun stuff.  Don't skip over this part!  You don't want to run up to your partner with an ice cube and chase them around the bedroom saying "Hazel said you'll love this!"  Get them in the zone, kiss, cuddle, rub shoulders, everything to make them feel wanted. 

Now that you have your partner really steamed up, you can excuse yourself to the kitchen.  Start by filling up a very large drinking glass with ice cubes.  Then, add really cold water to the glass (you don't want the ice cubes to melt too quickly).  If you are going to try the Popsicles too, get them out, unwrap them and place them in a bowl. Get back to your hot and bothered partner as quickly as possible.

This would be a good time to get your partner undressed.  If you are going to use the Popsicles, remember that things are going to get sticky, so make sure the blankets you are lying on are washable.  (I hope that if you were playing on making love on them, they were washable anyways, but just a reminder!)  Lay your partner out on the blanket, and get comfortable beside them.  Get one of the ice cubes out of the glass and run it around your partners' nipples and slowly close in on the peak.  After a few seconds, remove the ice cube and suck their hardened nipple into your warm mouth.  Repeat the process on the other breast/nipple.  Alternate back and forth a few times to increase the sensations.

Continuing down the body, you can either proceed with the ice cubes again, or the Popsicles.  No matter if your partner is a guy or gal, you will need to get the blood flowing to their nether regions first.  Simple strokes for your male partner, or gentle finger caresses for your female partner.  Go ahead and start licking the Popsicle as sensually as possible.   Then continue the same actions on your partner's shaft/balls or v jay jay/clit.  Get really creative and pay attention to every part of their anatomy.  Remember to keep taking licks from the Popsicle in between to keep your mouth and tongue cold.  If you want to use the ice cubes for this part, put an ice cube in your mouth as you pleasure your partner orally. 

I am sure that you can handle the rest from here!  Happy orgasms!

Red Heels Forever,


Just One Night: Prequel to the Learning to Let Go Series

The book is officially published!  We are live on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and All Romance eBooks.  Here are the links to purchase:

Just One Night Amazon
Just One Night Smashwords
Just One Night Barnes and Noble
Just One Night All Romance eBooks

Just One Night is my first novella.  It is a prequel to the Learning to Let Go Series.  The story is about Sara Lonnamen, who is a shy, quiet college student that is struggling to keep up with the demands of her family back home in Wisconsin and her desire to have time to herself a few states away. She falls into the lap of bad boy Chris Lake who physically and emotionally ignites a side of Sara that she did not know existed. When a strange turn of events puts Sara right in to Chris' hands, will she learn to embrace his help or will she run from the man that could help her learn what true submission means?

Go, buy a copy, add a few tags, give me some "Likes" and all that!

Thank you everyone for patiently waiting!  Can't wait to see some reviews!