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The Learning to Let Go Series has been an absolute joy for me to write.  I have put a little bit of my own life into each and every one of the characters that I have created.  Everyone has to find there own way of "letting go" of a particular hardship, problem, or life-force that is holding them back.  I plan on addressing every major emotion I possibly can, all the while letting the characters "explore" each other as best they know how!

 Sara Lonneman is a shy, quiet college student that is struggling to keep up with the demands of her family back home in Wisconsin and her desire to have time to herself a few states away. She falls into the lap of bad boy Chris who physically and emotionally ignites a side of Sara that she herself did not know existed. When a strange turn of events puts Sara right in to Chris' hands, will she learn to embrace his teachings, or will she run from the man who could help her learn what true submission means?

There are very few bright spots left in Bryn Lonneman's life. A dysfunctional relationship with her family, especially her mother, has left her with a jaded view of the world. It doesn't help that a traumatic event in her past has left her with lingering panic attacks, sometimes even debilitating, especially when riding motorcycle with someone else. Bryn desperately wants to take control again, starting with learning how to ride motorcycle solo, so she can go with her best friend and her pseudo family to Sturgis. A freak riding accident sends Bryn to the hospital, where she meets Dr. Charlie Glynn, a no-nonsense doctor that quickly becomes enamored with the feisty biker brat. The two of them start a steamy romance that takes Bryn down a path she is not sure she can follow. Will Bryn let her past control her future, or will she finally take a leap of faith and fly?

Sara Lonneman is home in Wisconsin and finds herself falling for Darrin, the protective, strong, ex-military man that has been her salvation for the last desolate year of her life. Sara and Darrin have a pseudo relationship at best that leaves her realizing that Darrin might have more demons inside him then she can handle.
Chris Lake, the dominant, head-strong, underground boxer, has come to find her in Wisconsin, after they only spent one night together in college, exploring a Dominant/submissive relationship. He has changed a lot in the last year or so, making Sara question her sanity for participating in their passionate night in Colorado.
Sara finds herself torn between the two men. Ultimately, she has to choose between what is right for her, and what is right for her heart.

Club Red is a novella that chronicles the beginning stages of the romantic affair between Chris Lake and Sara Lonneman, when they return to Colorado as a couple. They have to decide what they are both looking for in their personal relationship, as well as their Dominant/submissive relationship. Sara falters when things get hotter (and tougher) between them in their BDSM world, especially when Chris announces that Sara is ready to participate at the exclusive kink club, Club Red. Is the bond between the two lovers strong enough to keep their relationship together, or does this new world for Sara break the ties between them and she ends the relationship for good?

Be Your Everything: Book Four of the Learning to Let Go Series
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Life is slowly returning to normal for Darrin James now that his short relationship with Sara, the daughter of his mentor, is over. A strange chain of events puts Darrin, a headstrong former Navy Corpsman, directly into the path of Becca Breyton, an open-minded, straightforward free spirit from the big city. Not able to handle the mental anguish from a horrific attack in Afghanistan, Darrin has learned to shut off and hide everything that might cause him pain. His mind starts dredging up those long-forgotten memories and puts them in the forefront of his mind again. All of this leaves Darrin trying to handle a relationship for the first time in his entire life, while he works on dealing with his past that he just wants to forget. Can Darrin let Becca inside his walls so that they have a chance at staying together? Is his emotional pain more than either one of them can handle?

Fighting For You: Book One in the Redemption Series

Tristan Hart is just getting started out in the world, when he is handed a severe blow that breaks down every barrier he has ever erected. What gets left behind is a twenty-four year old tortured soul, searching for the road to redemption. 
Peyton Bauer is a natural born nurturer that wants nothing more than to care for those in her life. She carries her own past that she keeps carefully hidden from everyone. Peyton and Tristan are thrown together by fate and the attraction between them is instant. 
Tristan sees his recovery as slow going, but even still, he is ignoring a part of himself that often times appears in his dreams. Those dreams hold so much more than Tristan is willing to acknowledge and it holds him back. 
Tristan and Peyton struggle to find a happy medium for themselves as the relationship heats up. Tristan is left with a difficult decision that he doesn’t want to make.
How far will they go to hang on to something doomed to fail? Will Tristan’s life make strides in the right direction, or does his lack of foresight cause his world to come crumbling down?

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