Thursday, February 28, 2013

Line-up Change!

Guess what?  Uber sexy Justin Coale is still busy answering his interview questions, and he is such a perfectionist, that he is not ready to share yet!  Awww, Justin.... As if he wasn't sweet enough!  I really love that guy!  ((dreamy sigh))
So!  We are doing a little line-up switch-a-roo.  Shawn Labega and I had a wonderful chat last week and I am going to stay up all night tonight to get his interview polished and beautiful for everyone!  5 pm CST, I will be posting it.  Can't wait!  
Shawn is insanely hot, and is ready for a little Friday Night Sizzle with everyone!

Monday, February 25, 2013

New Member to the Learning to Let Go Family!

Writing for "Club Red" has been absolutely wonderful today!  BUT, there is an absolutely divine character that decided to make an appearance in the story, and I just HAD to give him his own storyline in another book!  Please join me in welcoming Tristen Hart to the family!  He is in a class all by himself, as far as Alpha Males are concerned...complex, driven, powerful, caring.  Plus a few other traits that you are just going to have to wait to read about!
Thanks Justin Coale for being the muse for this project.  Justin is also the cover model for the same book, which will be the fifth in the "Learning to Let Go" series, release date is in July 2013!  Like what you see?  Like his facebook page!  Click here.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday's Are Full of Fun

I LOVE FRIDAYS!  Do you know why?  Well, we get to sit down and have a chat with another hottie that is "Male Perfection" and....and....and..."Club Red" cover reveal is this afternoon!  Oh, and of course, it is the week-end, too.  Can't forget to celebrate that!  3 PM CST, is the cover reveal.  5 PM CST, I will post the interview with the delicious Gary Taylor.  Then at 7 pm CST, there is a party in my living room...BYOW (wine for those of you who didn't know that I am a wine whore).  My preferred poison is Menage a Trois, or Ice Wine in case you need to know what type to bring!  Look, look - Gary's excited too!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Release Day!

I Need You is live on Amazon!  Will be drawing a name for the Wet Panty Giveaway today at 5 pm.  Don't forget to enter! 

I Need You on Amazon

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wet Panty Giveaway

The Wet Panty Giveaway
Join me and my friend Holly Roberts for the release of our books on Valentine’s Day. Each of us are giving away a $25 gift certificate to Amazon or B&N along with a copy of our latest book. It’s easy to win and YES, you can win twice. Leave a comment here after this post, and then go to Holly's blog and leave a comment there. Increase your chance to win by mentioning the giveaway on Twitter and/or Facebook.
Come on ladies and gentlemen, what’s better than wet panties when you’re reading some wonderfully good smut?
I Need You by Hazel St James

Sara Lonneman is home in Wisconsin and finds herself falling for Darrin, the protective, strong, ex-military man that has been her salvation for the last desolate year of her life.  Sara and Darrin have a pseudo relationship at best that leaves her realizing that Darrin might have more demons inside him then she can handle. 
Chris Lake, the dominant, head-strong, underground boxer, has come to find her in Wisconsin, after they only spent one night together in college, exploring a Dominant/submissive relationship.  He has changed a lot in the last year or so, making Sara question her sanity for participating in their passionate night in Colorado.
 Sara finds herself torn between the two men.  Ultimately, she has to choose between what is right for her, and what is right for her heart.

“I Need You” is the continuation of Sara’s story from my first book, “Just One Night,” and also from “Let Me Fly."
Bad Boy Dom by Holly Roberts
Blazing male eyes follow her every move, longing for the chance to dominate, while desiring the beautifully hot erotic shell god graced her with. They never look below the surface and into Angela’s scorched heart.
Rock-n-Roll superstar Krispin Righteous walked into Club El Diablo, looked around, and saw what every man fantasized about. His need to dominate, splintered by drugs and alcohol, re-emerged after rehab, and helped him gain undeniable strength. That strength focused on the broken little bird, begging for release from the cage of her memories. Guarded by a fierce she-cat Domme, Lydia is ready to scratch out the eyes of any man unwilling to take “No” for an answer.
Can two wounded warriors find love in each other arms? And, can the ultimate Bad Boy Dom win the girl?

Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Night, Male Perfection!

We have launched the first installment of Male Perfection, where we spotlight an uber sexy, deliciously fine, super hot male.  Check out our hottie tonight! 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sara, Chris and Darrin's Story

Wondering when Sara is going to get her Happily Ever After?  We are 11 days away from publication of "I Need You".  I can honestly tell you that I have had some momentous ups and downs with this story.  I bawled hysterically last night as I was writing!  Aarggghhhh!  It was such a tortured scene!  Obviously, after saying that, Sara is going to pick one of the two handsome hotties.  But which one does she choose? 

There was an excerpt posted from the book around Christmas time that has been pulled from my blog and all my social media.  The scene was hindering the progress of the story, so it is no longer a part of the book.  :(  Don't worry, it's replacement is much hotter!

Want a little taste?  Sorry!  If I give in and post an excerpt, I will give away the storyline, no matter what little bit I let out. 

February's not that far away!!!!