Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sara, Chris and Darrin's Story

Wondering when Sara is going to get her Happily Ever After?  We are 11 days away from publication of "I Need You".  I can honestly tell you that I have had some momentous ups and downs with this story.  I bawled hysterically last night as I was writing!  Aarggghhhh!  It was such a tortured scene!  Obviously, after saying that, Sara is going to pick one of the two handsome hotties.  But which one does she choose? 

There was an excerpt posted from the book around Christmas time that has been pulled from my blog and all my social media.  The scene was hindering the progress of the story, so it is no longer a part of the book.  :(  Don't worry, it's replacement is much hotter!

Want a little taste?  Sorry!  If I give in and post an excerpt, I will give away the storyline, no matter what little bit I let out. 

February's not that far away!!!!

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