Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Coming Soon!

Exciting news for you!

We are in full production mode now on a new feature for Friday Nights! 
Each week, we will be sampling a divine selection of the male physique.  Mmmm!  I have quite the group of sexy, muscular, fit, delicious...(focus, Hazel, focus) men just dying to meet you all!  I will be posting a deliciously informative interview with each of these hunks.  Oh God, my job is so hard!  ((sarcasm!))
Still working on the title....I keep coming back to "Hazel's Mighty Fine Men", but the hubs nixed that one.  It's a work in progress!  Our first hottie from heaven will be on February 8th!


Updated: February 3rd....Official title has been picked!  Male Perfection

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