Friday, November 9, 2012

Freaky Friday Fun Night!

It is here!  Yeah!  The blessed day of the week, when my wonderful readers let go of their sexual inhibitions and get ready for some fun lovin'!

Tonight's topic will be...candy!

Here are some fun things that you can do with candy you would find at the grocery or convenience store:

Melted Chocolate Trail
Ingredients: One Chocolate Bar
Directions:  Unwrap candy bar and put in a microwave safe bowl.  Microwave on high for 15 seconds, or until melted.  Have your partner swirl his/her finger in the melted chocolate and make a trail across your naked body, like a treasure map.   Partner then has to lick said treasure map back off your body, ending at the treasure, of course!

Edible Garters
Ingredients: One Candy Necklace
Directions:  Take candy necklace and put it on your upper thigh like a garter.  Your partner has to remove/eat the entire "garter" using their teeth and mouth only.  Absolutely no hands!

Get Your Rocks Off
Ingredients: Pop Rocks
Directions:  Place a handful of pop rocks into your mouth (do not swallow them) and orally pleasure your partner.  'Nuf said.

War Mark
Ingredients: Sour Warheads
Directions:  Either blindfold your partner, or have them go in the other room.  Put a warhead in your mouth, just to get it wet.  Remove the candy and rub it on 5 different spots on your naked body.  Suggestions: Collarbone, behind ear, nipple, behind knee, and shin bone.  Then have your partner return and using only his/her mouth, they have to find the 5 places that your left the "war mark."

Push My Buttons
Ingredients: Candy Buttons
Directions:  Before initiating sex with your partner, place candy buttons on the parts of your body that you want your lover to spend extra time.  Lick the back of the candy button, and they will easily stick to your skin/body parts.  Let them dry for a few minutes before dressing in something sexy, revealing, whatever you want.  Then let the fun begin!



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