Friday, November 2, 2012

Freaky Friday Fun Night!

It's Friday!  Whoop Whoop! 

Tonight we are going to focus on "ice play".  Just like last week, we are going to get pretty explicit, so if you are under 18 years old, you need to scram!  I mean it!

Ok, ice play.  This is not a BDSM scene (well, I mean you could make it a scene, but it doesn't have to be).  I am talking about foreplay with ice cubes and Popsicles.  Some people have actual intercourse with ice cubes inserted inside the v jay jay, but if done incorrectly that can be very painful.  So, we are going to talk about ice cubes and Popsicles during foreplay only.   Whatever happens after that is up to you!

Let's get started.  This would be the point where you talk with your partner, let them know that you would like to try something new with them tonight.  If you have a fireplace, lay out a couple of blankets in front of the fire, have a glass of wine, talk about your day, all that getting in the mood fun stuff.  Don't skip over this part!  You don't want to run up to your partner with an ice cube and chase them around the bedroom saying "Hazel said you'll love this!"  Get them in the zone, kiss, cuddle, rub shoulders, everything to make them feel wanted. 

Now that you have your partner really steamed up, you can excuse yourself to the kitchen.  Start by filling up a very large drinking glass with ice cubes.  Then, add really cold water to the glass (you don't want the ice cubes to melt too quickly).  If you are going to try the Popsicles too, get them out, unwrap them and place them in a bowl. Get back to your hot and bothered partner as quickly as possible.

This would be a good time to get your partner undressed.  If you are going to use the Popsicles, remember that things are going to get sticky, so make sure the blankets you are lying on are washable.  (I hope that if you were playing on making love on them, they were washable anyways, but just a reminder!)  Lay your partner out on the blanket, and get comfortable beside them.  Get one of the ice cubes out of the glass and run it around your partners' nipples and slowly close in on the peak.  After a few seconds, remove the ice cube and suck their hardened nipple into your warm mouth.  Repeat the process on the other breast/nipple.  Alternate back and forth a few times to increase the sensations.

Continuing down the body, you can either proceed with the ice cubes again, or the Popsicles.  No matter if your partner is a guy or gal, you will need to get the blood flowing to their nether regions first.  Simple strokes for your male partner, or gentle finger caresses for your female partner.  Go ahead and start licking the Popsicle as sensually as possible.   Then continue the same actions on your partner's shaft/balls or v jay jay/clit.  Get really creative and pay attention to every part of their anatomy.  Remember to keep taking licks from the Popsicle in between to keep your mouth and tongue cold.  If you want to use the ice cubes for this part, put an ice cube in your mouth as you pleasure your partner orally. 

I am sure that you can handle the rest from here!  Happy orgasms!

Red Heels Forever,


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