Monday, November 19, 2012

Teaser Time!

Here is an excerpt from Book One of the Learning to Let Go Series, tentatively named "Let Me Fly."  Bryn Lonneman (Sara's sister, if you have read the prequel.  If not, go get it!) is trying to maintain her composure when her eye-candy doctor friend keeps putting her libido in overdrive.   Here is my inspiration for Dr. Hottie!    Enjoy!

Bryn pushed through the door of the restaurant exactly 10 minutes late. Not wanting to look around the restaurant, she casually stepped passed the hostess station, walking over to the bar. Pulling out the first available seat, Bryn plopped down in the high backed chair, swiveling to face the bar.

You here with someone, cutie?”

Bryn let her shoulders droop to show her irritation before she turned around to lay into whomever had used the horrible come-on. There in front of her was Adonis himself, bed tousled dark hair, face clean shaven, and piercing green eyes. He had changed into a gray v-neck t-shirt that must have been a size too small, showing off his chiseled muscles, and a black fitted sports coat. Dark frayed jeans completed his look, with uber cool Polo boots. He was the absolute perfect “Dr. Hottie.”

Dr. Glynn,” Bryn sighed dreamily, sounding like a high school girl with a crush. “I mean, Charlie, you look...nice.” She wanted to say hot, but didn't have the nerve.

Charlie turned her chair so that she was facing the bar. He stood slightly to her right, the front of his body flush with her side. Placing his arms on either side of the chair, he gripped the bar, caging her in. A burst of breath tickled her neck as he spoke “I thought you were going to stand me up, Bryn.”

A shiver erupted across her skin, leaving tingles in it's wake. He was standing so close, she could smell his cologne, fresh, light and vaguely reminding her of a mojito. His demeanor had changed from earlier in the day, making him seem darker, and dangerous.

Bryn tried to turn to read his face. What she met were soft, wet lips, slowly brushing back and forth across hers. Feeling left her, the only sensations left behind were the connection between their bodies. Leaning in to deepen the contact, Charlie let go of his hold on the bar, letting her turn further into his body. He pushed his hands through her hair, cupping her jaw in his hands. He pulled back from the kiss, resting his forehead against hers.

Damn it, woman. You are killing me.” He let go of her face, stepping back to let her off the bar stool. Sticking his hands into the pockets of his jeans, he stuck his elbow out, encouraging her to slip her arm through his.

Let's eat before we give the whole restaurant a show.”

Bryn curled her lips in a smirk, shaking her head in disbelief at herself. “Yes, sir.”

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