Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"Be Your Everything" Teaser Number 2!

Thought I would do something different for this teaser!  I love this part!  Becca is extremely confident about herself, and she has a tendency to shock the hell out of our dear Darrin!  Here is a great example of her mouth!  (Teaser is Very Explicit, Proceed with Caution! Or for the seasoned erotic readers, just skip to the end for the best part!  LOL)

Becca’s stunned look morphed into a mega-watt smile.  “I would love to go camping.”  She jumped up and down on her heels as she clapped her hands in front of her.  “Can we go now?  Please, please, please?”

“Yes, Becca.  We can go tonight.  But, I mean honest to goodness camping, with a tent and a lighter.”

Becca practically squealed as she playfully gasped out, “We could be like that tv show where the former military hottie and his uber beautiful wife rough it in some extremely bad ass places.”      

Darrin laughed at her reference, and then he pinned her with a heated look as the brain in his pants thought about the two of them, completely alone all night on his private land.  He was seriously considering just bringing a tent, lighter, bottled water and a blanket, but then he thought about a few other things that he could use to get Becca’s carefree attitude back.

“Let me grab the razer two-seater, and we can load up a few things to take with us.  Can you watch the fire for me?  It should be done burning here in no time.  I can burn the bigger pile some other time.”

“Sure, Eros.  Can you pack a few chocolate bars for me?  I have an idea.”

Darrin handed her the rake and headed back to the toy shed.  “Sure.  You wanna make s’mores?  I think I have marshmallows and graham crackers, too.”

Becca was intently raking the rest of the leaves into the fire and wasn’t looking at him when she answered, “Ahhh, nah.  I was thinking about using them as a candy coating.”

“Ah, Becca…we’re gonna be out in the middle of the woods.  You’re not going to be able to do any cooking; certainly not make candy.”  By the time that Darrin finished his sentence, he had walked quite a ways away from the her and had to yell back across the yard.

After everything was loaded up, Becca had just finished burning the pile and was dumping a bucket of water onto the smoldering embers.  “You ready, Becca?”

“Yup, did you bring my chocolate?  Because I could really use a chocolate covered cock to suck on tonight.”

Darrin practically shivered at her words, but kept himself together long enough to reply.  “Come on, boo.  We need to spend some time out back in the woods.”

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