Sunday, December 2, 2012

Teaser Time! Let Me Fly!

What a wonderful day!  I wanted to share with my faithful readers one of the hot sections that I wrote today.  Let Me Fly: Book One of the Learning to Let Go series will be released December 18th and there will be promos every Friday during release month!  We are going to put Friday Night Freak Night on Christmas vacation for the month of December, to return in January 2013.  Anyway, here is my little bit to get your juices flowing!

“So sexy, Bryn.  Close your eyes.  Reach above your head and hold on to the handlebars.  Don't move.  I don't want you to fall off the bike.”

Thank God his bike had a double kickstand, or they would be laying in the itchy grass right now.  Bryn fought the urge to squirm as soft lips grazed her inner thigh.  Feeling his warm breath on her skin caused goose bumps to flutter across her skin.  Her oversensitive flesh and his soft caresses were making it hard to keep still on the bike.  Charlie must have sensed her unease, laying his arm across her chest, reaching up to her shoulder, pinning her chest down. 

“I’m gonna make this quick, Bryn.  Hold on.” 

He lowered her panties with his free hand just enough to slid his fingers in between her folds.  He ran his fingers up and down, gathering her arousal.  Carefully, he slipped his fingers inside, slowly stretching her. 

“It’s been a long time for you, hasn’t it, kitten?”

Bryn could only nod her agreement as she whimpered, “Please.”

“Yes, baby, I’ve got you.”

He thrust his fingers deep inside her channel, causing her to chest to heave up.  Charlie held her down on the bike, keeping her steady as he continued.  Something soft and warm was brushing across her swollen clit, jutting out from its hood.  Teeth clenched down on her clit, pulling it outward making her gasp, fingers continuing to pump in and out of her body.  Shards of light exploded in front of her eyes as the fierce orgasm consumed her, making her arms tingle as she rode out the waves of pleasure.  Her breathing remained erratic as the last sensations fell away.  Feeling sated, she took a deep breath to regain her senses.

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