Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Club Red Teaser

Thank you everyone that helped to get us over the 200 like mark on Facebook!  Ready for a Club Red teaser?  This is set in Sara and Chris' loft in Colorado, the first morning after they returned home from Wisconsin.  

Sara’s cheeks were ablaze when she looked down at herself, seeing that the thin cotton shirt did nothing to hide the fact that she was cold.  Very cold.  Her weather detectors were proudly pointing that out.  Plus, she did not have any panties on.  She could have been in a baby doll nightie and felt more covered than she did right now.

There was a mocha colored lambswool throw on the side of the couch, and Sara grabbed for it.  She had just gotten it wrapped around her shoulders when Chris pulled her into his arms.  “You shouldn’t be ashamed of your body, Sara.  You are a gorgeous woman, with the perfect amount of curves.”  He said those last words as he slipped his hands inside the blanket and lightly grabbed her sides before running his hands down to her hips, and then lifting the flimsy t-shirt as he ran his hands back up over her bare skin.

Sara whimpered as Chris lightly traced the seam of her lips with his tongue, giving him the opportunity to immediately slip his tongue inside.   His kiss was hard, but yet sensual and was setting her insides on fire. There wasn’t a second that he wasn’t in control of their passionate kiss, even though he was barely holding on to her waist.  Her body was so in tuned to him, that couldn’t help but go limp in his arms, letting him hold her.  Caress her.  Love her.  It was if they were made for each other; Sara never felt as complete as when Chris was controlling her.  He let go of her mouth to place kisses on her jaw line, and then nibbled on her ear.  He pulled on the lobe with his teeth until she hissed. 

“You are so responsive to anything I do to you, little one.  Your body submits to me, even from just this,” he brushed his lips across hers lightly again.  “Which is perfect since I plan on taking you to Club Red soon.”

Sara barely heard his words as her mind was a drift in a sea of pleasure that made her feel slightly tipsy, maybe even a little bit drunk.  Chris pulled back from their embrace, and Sara’s feet felt like they were weighed down with lead shoes, and she couldn’t make her legs support her.  Giggling, she reached over to the arm of the couch to steady herself.  With a smile on her face, she pulled the blanket in front of her, and sank down onto the couch.  She lay her head back, and pulled the soft blanket around her body.

Chris roused her when he started chuckling.  “You are amazing, Sara Lonneman,” he said as he sat down next to her on the couch, pulling her body over to his so that her head was now leaning against his shoulder.  “Just imagine what it will be like when you are able to completely let go and submit everything up here,” he said tapping her forehead with his finger, “and in here,” running his finger from her exposed knee up her thigh and resting it over the top of her t-shirt on her stomach. 


  1. YES! That's tomorrow! Just found this page as I read the first 3 stories on my spring break road trip and LOVED THEM! Randomly came across the first one and hooked me so bought the other 2 the same day. Very excited to read the latest "Club Red". Will definitely recommend these. Thank you! Amazing work!!

  2. Thank you Courtney! Yes, Club Red is finished and is in the vendors hands now. You are going to LOVE this one!