Saturday, May 4, 2013

"Be Your Everything" Final Teaser!

Last one until the book comes out!
This one is a full on hot scene, but it does say a lot about our hard-to-handle Becca!

Darrin’s piss poor attitude was already forming a cuss fest for the dumb fucker, when out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse at a pair of perfectly tanned legs in tiny jean shorts that was bending over at the waist to pick up something off the ground.  His breath got caught in his throat, when the edges of black and lacy fabric could be seen peeking out of the uber short denim cut offs, that held two perfect orbs of flesh that were practically begging for someone to grab on to.

When the woman stood up again, and her long dark hair fell back down her back, Darrin instantly knew who the ass belonged to.  And his irritation with the old codger that insisted on blackballing his kid brother as the pain in the ass that he really was, fell to the wayside.  In its place was a driving need to make sure that no other fucker could see his woman, scratch that, Becca’s backside.

It only took two long strides for Darrin to be beside the mischievous pixie, and for Darrin to practically drag Becca away from the crowd, and over to the makeshift fence.

“What the fuck are you doing, Darrin?” Becca hissed as she finally freed herself from his grasp, practically punching him as he arm recoiled.

“What the fuck, am I doing, Becca?  What the fuck are you doing showing the entire town your ass?  Your underwear hang out, your shorts are so…short!”

Becca crossed her arms over her chest, and proceeded to tap her foot against the cement.  She had closed her eyes and was slowly counting backwards.  “10…9…8…7…6…”

Darrin threw his hands up in the air as he exhaled, “What are you doing, Becca?”

She had gotten all the way to 1 by the time Darrin had asked the question, and Becca took a second to take a deep staggering breath before she answered, “I needed a minute to clear my head, before I strangled you, Darrin!”  Her nostrils were flaring out again, and wild fury lit up the edges of her brown eyes, making them look almost golden in the street light.  

Becca slapped her hands against her thighs and yelled, “Damn it!  10…9…8…7…6…”

This time, Darrin laughed, since he knew that she was trying to calm herself down again.  After she had finished for the second time, he just patiently waited for her to open her eyes and pin him with her intense stare again.  He was shocked when her eyes fluttered open, and she gave him a sarcastically sweet and utterly sickly smile instead.  “Shorts are meant to be just that, Darrin.  Short.  I didn’t know that I needed to clear my wardrobe with you before I was seen in public,” she told him with disdain written all over her face.  

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