Sunday, June 16, 2013

First excerpt for "The One"

I have been frantically writing lately, and I wanted to share a bit of "The One" with you (unedited and subject to change).  This is a stand alone book that I will be releasing late in July or early August.  You can get all the dets from the facebook page, This scene still makes me giggle as I read it again... Enjoy!

“Abby, what the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Jordan barked to her retreating form.
“Walking away, dickhead.  I’m sick and tired of being your human chew toy, and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna listen to your spout off your holy than though shit right now.  I need to cool off,” she shot back over her shoulder, and continued to stomp towards her cabin.
Jordan couldn’t help but chuckle loudly as he imagined the pout that little miss attitude had on her face right now as she stormed off.  The sound must have been loud enough for Abby to have heard it as well, for she immediately stopped and spun on her heel.
“What’s so funny, jackass?”
Jordan knew by continuing laughing at Abby’s expense without explanation, he was really going to rile her up, but there wasn’t any way he could stop himself at this point.  He leaned forward enough to steady himself on his knees as his body shook in a full belly laugh. 
Finally, he controlled himself enough to stand back up, and was met by a fierce glare from one very pissed off woman.  She had moved closer to him, had her arms crossed over her chest, pushing her full breasts up so that they were practically spilling out of the top of her tank top, making him practically pant at the golden mounds of flesh that were visible.  His eyes traveled lower to her ripped up jeans and her rapidly vibrating leg as she tapped her foot against the earth.
She unfurled her arms and slowly inched the rest of the way to him, leaving her eye brow spocked high into her hair line.  “Kindly tell me what is so funny?” she said in a syrupy voice that was loaded with hostility.
Jordan had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from laughing again, and truthfully answered, “Just imaging the little crinkle in your nose as you threw that little hissy fit there, is all.”
Abby stopped, and her face fell.  She looked forlorn as she stood almost toe to toe with Jordan, and her moxy had slipped.  No longer there was the complete mask of fury that she held to so tightly; what was left made her look scared…tired…maybe even a bit vulnerable. 
The pair continued to stand there in silence and Jordan finally caved first.  “Abby, what is it sweetie?”
Abby lowered her head so her chin was practically tucked against her chest, and Jordan heard a soft sniffle before she quietly said, “That wasn’t a hissy fit.”
Jordan wasn’t sure if he’d heard her right, so he stepped the remaining foot between them to close the space and pulled off both his gloves.  Abby hadn’t made a single move as he did, leaving him no choice but to place his fingers underneath her chin and tip her face upwards.  “What was that?”
Abby’s eyes were glistening with unshed tears, and her expression was softer than her normal hard core glare that she gave everyone on the farm.  Jordan watched the emotions crossing her face, not sure if she was happy, sad, or angry.  But, he could see the changes morphing her.  Then, just as quickly, her stone face was back and she jerked her face from his fingers.  “I said…that wasn’t a hissy fit.  This,” she emphasized as she lifted her booted foot up and slammed the heel back down directly on top of Jordan’s work boots, “is a proper hissy fit.  Don’t be such an ass.  A simple please don’t do that works just as well as you barking orders all over the fucking place, Jordan.”
The pain wasn’t overwhelming bad, but yet it was enough to set Jordan’s blood boiling.  He could see that Abby was trying to make her escape back up the hill, thinking she had won this round.  Anger coursed through his veins, as well as a bit of fire lit up his groin; Abby was a handful, that was for sure, but damned if she didn’t set off every bit of need in his body.  He’d closed that part of himself off, but didn’t have a way to make it go away completely.  Especially as he watched Abby’s athletic legs and round derriere saunter away from him at break neck speed.  Still, she had thrown the first stone in this fight, and he knew exactly what to do to even things up.
Jordan took off on a run up the hill after her, stalking her as quietly as he could.  When he was within ten feet of her, the crunch of the dry earth under his boots gave him away and she turned in time to see him bearing down on her in a full on run.  Abby shrieked and tried to take off, but it was too late; Jordan’s long gate quickly reached her, and he scooped her up and tossed her over his shoulder. 
“Put me down you big ape!” Abby screamed as Jordan carried her to the side edge of the pen, heading directly for the large water tank he had just filled with fresh water that morning for the young stock.  It was large enough to water the entire herd for a full day, and was a good three foot deep.  It was also filled directly from the spring well on the back half of the farm, and the water was extremely cold.
Jordan was almost all the way over to the tank when Abby made another flail in his arms, and he almost dropped her off his shoulder.  Feeling a bit overzealous, he reached up with his free hand and swatted her behind.  Abby stilled long enough for Jordan to pull her down and into the cradle of his arms, but she had her eyes closed tightly, with her lips parted slightly.   Jordan didn’t hesitate in moving her over the cold water, and he realized that Abby must not know what was going on, because she hadn’t protested again. 
Finally, Jordan let go of his hold on Abby, and she fell into the icy water, gasping in shock.  She flung her wet hair back out of her face as she jetted back up from underneath the water and walked to the edge of the tank.  He stood to the side, laughing as she climbed out of the metal tank, dripping wet and her teeth clattering.  “You, jerk!”
Abby had a slight smirk on her face, and frankly, it scared Jordan…a little.  He completely expected full out Def Con Five after dousing her in the stock tank, and to see her slowly creeping towards him, fully dressed and sopping wet, he wasn’t sure what to think.  It was too late when he realized her plan.  She launched herself into his arms, plastering her body against his, wrapping her arms and legs around his frame as she used him as a human towel.  Abby was rubbing herself all over his body, obviously trying to get him as wet as possible. 
The effect it was having on Jordan, however, was anything other than what Abby wanted as his cock started swelling against his jeans and his thoughts turned to what this scene would be like if they both were completely naked and she was doing this.  Jordan wrapped his arms around her tightly, stilling her movements, “Don’t.  Please, don’t do that.”
Abby stopped, but didn’t relinquish her grip on his body.  She leaned back to look into Jordan’s face, and watched him for a moment, with a puzzled look.  To her credit, she let go of her hold enough so that she could slide down his body, but when her body passed over the top of the bulge in his pants, she gasped and practically fell the rest of the way to the ground.
“Abby, I’m sorry…”  She held up her hand stilling him, but gave him a stone cold stare. 
“You should be…for throwing me in the stock tank.  As for the rest…” her eyes fell back toward the ground, “I can’t…”
Jordan could feel the rejection in her voice, and didn’t want to hear anymore.  “It’s a body’s natural reaction, sweetie.  Doesn’t mean anything.”
Abby was quick to narrow her eyes on him, and spin on her heels and finish stomping back towards her cabin, this time with soggy clothes, boots and a flurry of colorful words as she did so.  Jordan’d had his fill of her mouth for one day, and let her go.