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Author Interview: Holly S. Roberts Domination in Pink

“Domination in Pink: A Club El Diablo Book” by Holly S. Roberts will be released on October 18th. I had the pleasure of reading the book and I loved, loved, loved it! The novella is a part of the Club El Diablo series and is seriously hot! Holly graciously took the time to answer some questions I had for her about the novella and the series.

Holly, this book was smoking hot! Damian and Lydia are both powerful Dom/Dommes – you really took a leap to put them both together in a dominant/submissive relationship. Did you have inspiration for the couple, or are they total figments of your beautiful imagination?

I work in a male dominated field with high testosterone and contempt for any type of weakness. I can take care of myself and I kick ass daily. Then, I come home to a Dom who loves me, is not intimidated by my strong personality, and masters me in the bedroom. Club El Diablo is a figment of my imagination but Damian and Lydia’s characters have a lot of my own M/s relationship running throughout their world.

What was the hardest part about writing “Domination in Pink?”

Most definitely the research though I loved it. I would hate to think that someone would use my book as an example of BDSM play during pregnancy and have it cause a problem. I was told I could drink as much iced tea as I wanted throughout one of my pregnancies and then two years later told no caffeine. Medical recommendations change constantly and I did not trust the kink my husband and I experienced ourselves when writing this book. I strongly recommend discussing your lifestyle with a qualified doctor while pregnant and nursing.

There are so many great lines in this story. My favorite is after Damian tries to soften his words to Lydia and she tells him “You're getting soft Master but put those lips to mine and I'll f**k your mouth” Total jaw dropping moment for me! Is Lydia always this feisty with her Dom, or is this related to her pregnancy?

Lydia is always feisty and pushing her Dom, trying to top him, and craving his control. This is what makes her unique. It was hard for Damian because she was pregnant and he had to come up with different types of punishments to keep her in line. The term “ball gag” comes to mind.

When you are writing, do you tend to put a lot of yourself into the characters?

Yes I do but I also have a vast imagination. I would love to have a Club El Diablo to play out my every fantasy. Thank goodness it’s waiting for me in my stories.

The birthing scene is incredible! Did your own personal experiences with child birth help when writing this part?

The funniest thing on earth is a dominant man at his child’s birth. They want to play it cool but it kills them to have no control. A lot of the birthing scene came from my own experience and the part where Damian rubbed his hand on Lydia’s thigh is a great example.

When you are writing, do you have any rituals? Any specific music that you listen to while you write?

First, I always read the previous chapters I worked on, edit them, and then go from there. It puts me back into the grove of the story. I MUST listen to music when I write but it varies and depends on my mood. I jump from Irish/Scottish flute, bagpipes, and drums to hard rock. I love Buckcherry!

What projects are you working on now and are Damian and Lydia involved?

My next book will be out at the first of the year. It will have a short scene at Club El Diablo but the rest of the book takes place at a private location. The story involves a cop, a contemporary Shibari artist, and human trafficking. It’s a ménage and much more in depth than my previous four Club novellas. Two Doms for Angel will be a full length novel.

Are you reading any good books right now?

I’m trying very hard to but it’s difficult during new book release week (NBRW). I just finished Beyond Shame by Kit Rocha and loved it. My TBR pile is filling up my eReader. Oh and I have a sneak peek at yours but I’m not telling anyone, promise.

For all your followers out there, what can they do to help you make “Domination in Pink” even more successful?

Please review the book on Amazon, B&N, and All Romance Ebooks. I take the good reviews with the bad so don’t let your opinion stop you from commenting. The more reviews shows that more people are reading.

Thank you Hazel for a wonderful interview!

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