Saturday, October 13, 2012

Teaser Time!

Here is a section from my novella that will set your heart racing!

Chris pulled Sara back towards campus to get to his bike. She was trying hard to keep up with him. Sara could only make on step to his two long graceful strides. She felt herself stumble after only one block of this maddening pace. Chris turned around, grabbed her around the waist and hoisted her over his shoulder effortlessly. Sara squealed and struggled. Chris swatted her hard on her rear. “Hey, what was that for? You don't need to carry me you know” Sara huffed as he jostled her around on his shoulder to find a comfortable place for her.

“I know that I don't need to carry you, but I am impatient tonight. I really need to get you back to my loft. Besides, it pleases me to carry you.” Chris came to an abrupt halt near the edge of the parking lot, far away from the main campus. He let go of his hold over her thighs, pulling her body down from her perch. She slid down his shoulder, her shirt getting bunched up on the way down. Her belly was exposed to the cold autumn air and she gasped when Chris touched her skin with his hands.

“Fuck, your hands are so cold, Chris!” she screamed as she tried to scramble away.

Chris's eyes seemed to change from anger to a lust in a millisecond. Then the anger was back, replaced by something else. It was as if she could see a mask fall over his eyes, an unknown mood filling his soul. Sara could only use one word to describe it - predator.

Chris grabbed Sara's neck, yanking her in close to his body. The action was so fierce and powerful, Sara gasped for air when her body slammed into his.

“I warned you not to curse little one. This time, I will have to punish you,” Chris snapped.
“Here...right now?” Sara squeaked, her face drawn up in fear.

“Oh yeah, right now. Turn around and put your hands on the seat of the bike.”
Sara knew that they were far enough away from the main road that no one was going to just wander over to them any minute, but yet they were still out in the open. There were so many places that a voyeur could hide and observe Sara's first taste of punishment.

“I won't repeat myself Sara,” Chris snarled, staring at her with those dark eyes. She could almost feel his eyes appraising her as if she was a juicy steak. Sara slowly turned around, placing her hands on the seat of his bike. Chris put his hands under her thighs, pulling backwards so that her rear slammed into him. Sara realized that she was in a very compromising position. Her ass was held up in the air, vulnerable to a very, very angry man.

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