Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Learning to Let Go Series

Working tonight on book one of my series "Learning to Let Go."  A wonderful friend of mine suggested that I put together some pictures of a character before writing the character.  One of the main characters of the story is Dr Charlie Glynn.  I have a general idea of his storyline, but I had not really solidified the physical features yet.  I found some pictures of the ideal Dr. Glynn.  I absolutely love the green eyes!  He is a doctor in a small Midwestern town, that stumbles into a self-destructing young lady.  Of course being an alpha male, he feels that he needs to save her. 
Anyway, I wanted to share my inspiration!



  1. When is the second book going to be available at Barnes and Noble?

    1. Uploading to Barnes and Noble actually will be completed tonight at midnight. Thanks for asking!

    2. We are having technical difficulties on Barnes and Noble. Angie, if you want, shoot me your email and I know a certain someone that can get you a copy of the book! Thanks for being patient!