Friday, October 19, 2012

Freaky Friday Fun Night!

Friday Night is Now Freaky Friday Fun Night!

Each Friday, I will be spotlighting an activity that you and your significant other(s) can use to encourage some serious, hot lovemaking.  That's right, let's get freaky on Fridays!  (Well, I prefer to get freaky every night, but that's just me).

Tonight's activity will be....

Strip poker!
(If you're not a fan of poker, you can do strip blackjack, or strip Monopoly...whatever)

Before starting the game you and your partner have chosen, write down three different lovemaking positions from karma sutra (you can even google karma sutra positions if you are a vanilla type of couple). Try one that you have never done before.  Remember here, safe, sane and consensual. Don't choose a position that you know your lover would absolutely refuse if your weren't playing. A little boundary pushing is ok, but don't subject your partner to something that is on their hard limit list - that is strictly forbidden. 

I am thinking that if I win tonight, I will choose standing jack-hammer position! Love that one!

Begin playing your game of choice, but every round you lose, you lose an article of clothing (earrings and dentures are not considered articles of clothing people!)
When one partner ends up completely naked, the other partner is deemed the winner and can choose the lovemaking position.
Maybe you can even be a good sport and let the loser pick the second love making position if you are feeling up to counting orgasms tonight?  (wink wink)

Tonight's gonna be a good night!


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