Thursday, October 11, 2012


I am Hazel St. James - author of BDSM and erotica works of art.  I am a kinkster at being a submissive in the bedroom and everything that it represents.  I would love for you to give one of my novels a try! 
My novella "Just One Night" will be released November 1st.  It is the prequel to the "Learning to Let Go" series.  I wanted to jump right in with a BDSM novella.  I want everyone to see the hot and steamy sex scenes that are roaming in my brain!
 "Just One Night" is a story about Sara, a college student from the Midwest that gets a crash course education on being a submissive from fellow accounting student Chris Lake. Chris doesn't fit Sara's typical boyfriend analogy. She soon finds herself extremely turned on by his dominant personality...and he leads her on an exciting adventure where she learns more about herself than she realized was there.
It was hard to focus on my novella today because I have a different bad boy that keeps popping into my head...still not sure on a name for him yet. He is a blond muscular god with tribal tattoos on his upper arms and he is extremely dominant. He will be one of the main characters in my next book. I think he might be trouble for me! Hmm, he really likes using ice as punishment...
My blog is currently "under construction".  I will keep working on it every free second that I am not editing my book until I love it!

Red Heels Forever,


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